Find out about our COVID-19 business resilience planning.

Our business

We offer high value advice at all stages of the project cycle from site acquisition and planning, through detailed design and procurement and onto asset maintenance and disposals. We have the flexibility to build teams with the right mix of skills, that remain consistent and are always on hand for our clients.

We invest in our people and technology, and utilise the latest design tools to find the most appropriate and smart solutions.

Read our history

Jubb was established in 1963 as a partnership before becoming a limited company in 2000. We are an employee owned business offering engineering design and planning services to the public and private sectors.  We currently employ around 70 staff working out of offices in Bristol, Cardiff, Plymouth and Winchester from where we serve client and project needs across the whole of England and Wales.

Recent years have seen the business grow and diversify through the recruitment of key staff from some of the UK’s leading engineering consultancies.  We have the experience and knowledge of a big consultancy but deliver our work with attention, commitment and flair.

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Our culture

We strive to use our shared expertise, experience and enthusiasm to deliver positive outcomes for everyone who interacts with us.

We do not over-complicate things. We are user friendly and collaborative and always seek to unlock the full potential of our projects and our people.

We are committed to the personal and professional development of our employees and to giving something back to the communities and clients we serve.

Meet the team

Our values

1. Integrity

We treat each other, and everyone whose lives we impact, with respect. We are always honest, trustworthy, fair and reliable – we do what we say.

2. Collaborative

We believe that great team-working is the key to success. Stronger together – your problem is our problem.

3. Caring

We have the best interests of our people at heart. We recognise that family comes first and we protect the health, safety and wellbeing of our staff.

4. Progressive

Don’t be frightened of change and always look for ways to do better. What got us here isn’t good enough to get us where we want to go.

5. Pragmatic

We are user friendly and easy to work with. We always tell people what they need to know and say it like it is. We do not over-complicate things but always seek to find the smart answer – less can be more!

6. Leadership

We encourage and support our people to rise to the challenge, to go the extra mile to deliver success with personality, energy, and confidence.

7. Commitment

We are committed to the personal and professional development of our employees and to giving something back to the communities and clients we serve.

8. Accountability

We take responsibility for our actions and the decisions we take. We recognise that our personal and collective actions have direct impacts and we do not blame others for our own failings.

In light of the Coronavirus pandemic, our business resilience planning is now being implemented.  Whilst we have not closed our offices at this time, we have empowered all staff to work remotely should they choose to do so, and our business infrastructure is fully enabled to seamlessly support the transition to this style of working.  Additionally, Government advice may shortly dictate the need for us to make the closure of offices compulsory in the interests of safeguarding wider public health.

We continue to be fully operational but these measures are likely to produce a change to our working patterns.

You may therefore find that you have difficulty reaching us by our main office and direct dial landline telephone numbers but all staff can be still contacted by email, mobile numbers and Microsoft Teams.

For our formal Action Plan and Risk Assessment click COVID-19 Action Plan Risk Assessment_26 March 2020