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Bridging the skills gap in the engineering sector

The engineering sector has been labelled as the most hard-hit by the skills shortage and 42% of firms only expect the problem to sky-rocket. In an effort to bridge the skills gap in the sector, we launched the Learning Pathways programme.

Engineering a skills shortage solution

Dedicated to investing in our people and the wider engineering sector, we rolled out our Learning Pathways programme across all four of our offices. Designed to promote continuous learning for all – graduates to experienced, qualified professionals can engage in the plan.

Focusing on developing a combination of both technical and soft skills – the scheme aims not only to upskill, but to also increase our ability to attract and retain talent.

To complement the programme, STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) ambassadors have also been appointed to provide internal mentoring to junior members of staff.

What our people say

To invest in our people, meaningfully, we invited feedback from participants to help shape the design and structure of the programme. Here’s what our people have to say:

Julian Castresana, Graduate Structural Engineer, based in Bristol says: “The Learning Pathways programme is different to other development plans as it helps me focus on my career goals, personal achievements and keeps me in touch with my wellbeing. It’s comforting to have an employer that cares.”

Jamie Rogers, placement student based in Cardiff says: “The development programme is completely tailored to my unique career goals and needs. I wasn’t expecting to receive such personal and detailed career progression plans during my placement year with Jubb.”

To find out more about the Learning Pathways programme, discover how the plan has helped our people here:


* ”Over half of UK engineering design firms experiencing skills shortages says survey.”