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BUDGET ‘21: Rabbit out of the Hat?

Statement from Jubb responding to the Government’s Autumn Budget:

Did Rishi pull a rabbit out of the hat and deliver a Budget to give the construction industry room for optimism? For local authorities – especially those outside London – the news is certainly good. For property developers, the picture is mixed with the devil as always in the detail.

The macroeconomic view is that GDP will grow from 4% to 6.5% by the end of 2021, while unemployment will peak at 5.4%. £150bn has been set aside for government spending – a real terms rise.

This is a vast amount of money with much of it going on infrastructure investment, which is good news for those involved in building railways (£46bn), housing (£24bn), roads (£21bn), city regions transport (£6bn), cycling infrastructure (£5bn) and prisons (£4bn).

But the reality is it’s closer to £298bn (double!) because of unplanned spending to deal with the pandemic (£167bn). This is more than all the government’s departmental spending put together.

What this means is that government borrowing is expected to reach 300% of GDP, which is obviously unsustainable over the longer-term. Exactly how most of this will be clawed back is unclear, but property developers will be asked to contribute a greater share with a 4% levy applied on profits over £25m. For those in the residential property sector the good news is that £11.5bn has been set aside for 180,000 affordable new homes, which will open up more brownfield sites for development.

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