Jubb were initially appointed by Bristol City Council to provide feasibility advice in relation to the development of two sites, which lie immediately north of Airport Road, with residential dwellings. This initial advice focussed on the strategy for providing access to the site given the strategic nature of Airport Road.

Following this initial instruction Jubb were retained by BoKlok, a Skanska-IKEA home ownership concept that sees modular homes being built in factory conditions before being transported to site, as part of the team to take the sites through planning for the development of around 180 homes. This has involved extensive liaison with Officers in Transport Development Management, with a good working relationship assisting in agreeing an access strategy for the site which takes into account the strategic purpose of Airport Road which was a key concern of Officers.

This work has also involved a comprehensive analysis of the sustainability credentials of the sites, as well as the identification of opportunities to connect into and augment existing connections for walking, cycling and public transport. In addition, an assessment of the anticipated impact of the development proposals on identified, key junctions in the surrounding area was undertaken, with the proposals shown not to result in a material impact.