The Devonport Landing Craft Co-location Project (DLCCP) was a contract for Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO).

DLCCP provided a new waterfront training facility in Devonport Naval Base for 10 (Landing Craft) Training Squadron as part of 1 Assault Group Royal Marines and 539 Assault Squadron Royal Marines to enhance the delivery of amphibious operations and training. One building provided the headquarters with classrooms. The second building housed the landing craft and mechanical transport engineering workshops and stores.

Externally a marina, slipway, and jetty to launch the landing craft were constructed. A large expanse of hard-standing is available for landing craft storage.

Our work included an assessment study and the master planning of a series of options for the South Yard and Weston Mill areas of Devonport Dockyard.

Jubb were responsible for the civil, structural, geotechnical and environmental elements of this project. Construction on reclaimed land led to a carefully considered ground stabilisation programme of works which resulted in a reduction in the groundwork construction costs.

Options were assessed in terms of capital expenditure as well as whole life costings to arrive at the most cost effective solution delivering a 24/7 amphibious capability with mooring support facilities, hovercraft landing area and a new dredged access route for heavy lift carriers.