The project consists of a huge water processing and bottling plant in Derbyshire which would supply drinks to international supermarkets across the UK and Ireland. The plant will be built on a 30-acre plot of farmland to the north of the existing buildings on Dove Valley Park. The building houses a 24m high automated racking facility to allow increased production within a smaller footprint. This element of the building is formed by a clad-rack structure, with the rest via a braced steel frame. Jubb have incorporated CMC (controlled modulus column) ground improvement as a foundation solution in lieu of piles to provide an economical solution whilst still complying with the clients stringent settlement. criteria.

Jubb have provided Civil, Structural, Transport and Ground Engineering consultancy services. This is the first international retailer bottling plant to be constructed outside of Germany and has been positioned to maximise water quality whilst being within easy reach of the largest population centres in the UK.