Provision of structural services on this 51-storey residential development in central London.

The footprint of the building is constrained on a very tight site by the River Thames, existing major highways in Nine Elms Road and the remainder of the St George Wharf Development. The basic concept for the structure was defined with clear viewing areas wanted from each apartment to be taken advantage of; owners stepping through their apartment doors and having clear glass, which has been mostly achieved.

Key to the project was the dynamic response of the structure due to wind excitation. Careful wind tunnel testing and CFD modelling was undertaken to establish the exact performance of the tower. Full 3D modelling of the structure was also undertaken to assess the building response to imposed loadings and also the various proposed finishes to the building, particularly the duplex and triplex accommodation towards the top of the Tower. This enabled various scenarios to be defined that allowed the client to offer packages of finishes to the various apartments.

Working closely with St George and the successful Contractor and adopting particular construction techniques it was possible to identify various cost savings to the project. This included post-tensioning to the suspended slab which in turn allowed savings to the structural core of the building. During construction Jubb provided visiting engineer duties and quality control of the insitu concrete on the project was paramount.