This innovative garden community creates new housing, infrastructure, jobs, and services within sustainable communities.

Winchfield Garden Community is a new settlement in Hart District, Hampshire. The new community would provide around 2,000 new homes supported by infrastructure, community facilities, a local centre, schools, open space and local improvements to support travel by rail to maximise sustainable travel opportunities and minimise impacts on the local highway network.

Jubb were appointed to provide transport and highways advice in relation to the site. As part of that appointment, Jubb have undertaken extensive junction capacity modelling work of the local highway network, have developed highway infrastructure and mitigation schemes and, from a highways perspective, have helped form the planning strategy.

Jubb had to work closely with both the client and the consultant team to identify opportunities and develop the concept of the Winchfield Garden Community, which is currently being promoted through the Hart District Local Plan process. Jubb had to look at ways to maximise sustainable travel opportunities using rail links to form the core of the sustainable travel opportunity. The design of the site would need to include an extensive sustainable travel network which would promote movement by foot, cycle and bus throughout the new community.

Jubb have developed a comprehensive access strategy which includes development of direct highway access solutions to the site through challenging and constrained land and have developed a host of off-site highway mitigation schemes. These were developed following extensive discussions with the local highway authority and were informed through the results of a robust traffic impact assessment as agreed with the authority.

This work resulted in Jubb preparing a suite of transportation evidence which, combined with other supporting evidence, has supported the promotion of the site through the Local Plan process. As a result of the extensive work undertaken, the site has gone from having no status in the Local Plan to being included within the area of search for a new community. Work on the new community continues as the proposed site progresses through the planning process.