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Contributing to the Institution of Civil Engineers – Rob Harrhy 

Supporting our teams to continue developing professionally within their respective  roles is something on which we place great importance here at Jubb.  Focusing on learning and development through schemes such as our Learning Pathways initiative forms just one part of this company-wide effort that sees us encourage our people to gain new skills, strengthen their understanding of their trade, and achieve recognised professional qualifications.

It’s a mission that runs deep below the surface of our operation, though, with our senior members of staff taking it upon themselves to practise what they preach and lead by example. This is why I decided to put myself forward for the position of Reviewer within the Institution of Civil Engineers – the professional association that represents civil engineers across the globe by creating opportunities for learning, regulating our industry’s standards and ethics, and acting as the principal governmental liaison.

A volunteer position within ICE, Reviewers play a crucial role in securing the Institution’s ongoing development by interviewing and assessing candidates applying for chartership. Reviewers are responsible for evaluating prospective candidates impartially against ICE’s criteria and for creating a challenging yet supportive interview atmosphere in which they can showcase the very best of their abilities.

I’m pleased to have begun working more closely with ICE in recent months, encouraging and celebrating emerging talent whilst upholding my own professional standards too. Being trusted to work with ICE as a Reviewer is personally rewarding –  signalling that one of my industry’s most respected organisations recognises the value that I can add by offering my years of experience to its cause.  In return, I’m sure the role will allow this old dog to learn some new tricks off fellow reviewers and, I hope, some great candidates.

Even within Jubb itself, we have some outstanding talent that I would like to see reach their next career milestone. If my new knowledge of the review process, and the insight it gives,  helps them on their own  journey towards achieving chartership that can only be an added benefit.