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Design a SAB approved sustainable drainage system with Jubb’s expertise

Sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) are designed to create and sustain better places for people and nature. Following the release of the SAB approvals process in Wales, it has become an important consideration for all developments both existing and new across the built environment.

What does this mean for the industry? Now, by law, there is an increased requirement for developers to utilise more SuDS features while adhering to the six standards set out in the SAB legislation.

What exactly are SuDS?

Unlike a conventional drainage system, SuDS are designed to mimic natural systems in delivering effective surface water management together with key environmental and social benefits. Designed to withstand a lifetime of 100 years plus, while factoring in allowance for climate change, SuDS enable drainage to effectively prevent flooding while building climate resilience.

Building on our expertise in sustainable drainage systems, we recently supported two projects within Wales to successfully gain SAB approval.

Project 1 – Fitzalan High School

Kier Group PLC appointed Jubb to this project to provide civil and structural design input for the school’s relocation in advance of the 2021/22 academic year.
Due to contaminated land with no infiltration, two attenuation basins were installed to store the water. Using this system, flooding could be prevented as the surface water could be stopped and instead gradually released into an existing ditch which discharges into the river Ely.

Additional SuDS features were also used to provide water quality treatment as set out in the SAB standards. A large rain garden was installed in the playground which covered 4,000 sq metres, with smaller rain gardens, swales and filter drains located around the school to provide adequate treatment. This helped promote biodiversity within this project while also improving the visual appeal of the area, promoting wellness.

Permeable paving was also used for the car parking bay surfacing. This proved to be the ideal solution as it didn’t require any additional land while simultaneously treating the water, improving its quality.

Project 2 – Bridgend College, Pencoed Campus

ISG Ltd appointed Jubb to provide civil and structural design input and gain SAB approval for the development of a two storey education building and a new 200 unit car park to replace the existing car park.
An infiltration basin was used to manage the surface water flows from the development, providing the storage requirements to allow the water to infiltrate through the ground. Compared to other conventional water systems, this system highly benefits the environment and is the preferred option for SAB applicable developments. Filter drains lined the back of the parking bays to provide adequate water quality treatment, providing water quality treatment against suspended solids, metals and hydrocarbons in line with the CIRIA SuDS Manual.

If you’re looking to design a SuDS system that requires SAB approval, get in touch today.