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New ebook shares bold views on constructions biggest challenges

Dubbed as the ‘decade of delivery’ – the 2020’s are putting the built environment under immense pressure to deliver. In our latest e-book, our quartet of experienced business leaders share their bold views on the sector’s biggest challenges. Will the built environment bounce back better in the months and years ahead – or will we just bounce backwards?

Challenging political slogans such as levelling up and building back better, our experts take a candid approach to talking about regeneration projects, meeting sustainability targets and innovation within the built environment.

Taking the sus out of sustainability – Ross Pomery

Talking openly about achieving net zero targets, Ross Pomery discusses how far the built environment is well placed to meet green goals. Are we shooting high to achieve more or are net zero targets simply out of reach?

Backing better buildings – Marcus Tulloch

 Read Marcus Tulloch’s take on how the built environment should tackle the Build Back Better agenda. Are regeneration projects the answer? Or can levelling up only occur if regeneration projects add value to our existing communities and spaces? It’s clear that alternative property formats need to be encouraged through the planning system, but what do these look like?

Standing tall – Jonathan Rogers

Unglamorous though it is, Jonathan Rogers uncovers the unnoticed sub-sector of the built environment – industrial warehousing and distribution. Taking a closer look at how this sector is growing rapidly and how it is embracing its fair share of innovation, what lessons does it teach for the industry?

Like what you’ve heard? Read the conversations in full in our new e-book: Feat or Fate. Is this the Built Environment’s ‘Decade of Delivery’?