Public Sector and Defence

Our experience in the public and defence sectors has been gained over many years for a wide range of public, security, aviation, and maritime government bodies and defence related clients.

Due to the wide range of services we can offer which includes structural engineering, civil engineering, strategic planning, transport planning, ground engineering and flood and drainage management, we are able to support our clients by appreciating the specific demands of the sector and delivering carefully planned and considered design solutions. Having one company to coordinate these services with a single lead also enables greater collaboration and organisation for all parties.

Our work within the private sector also means we consistently consult and work alongside public bodies. This client-side interaction has helped develop our understanding of public body concerns and priorities, giving us an advantage as we can support any communication gap between the needs of the private market and the priorities for a public body.

Our experience of the defence sector has been gained over many years, providing design and consultancy advice to a wide range of defence related clients. This experience has enable our teams to develop detailed knowledge of the various procedures, approval processes, working practices and specific design standards within the sector. This includes site wide infrastructure and facilities incorporating counter terrorism measures, refurbishments and replacement of many operational buildings, workers accommodation, offices, medical and dental facilities and various training facilities.

Many of the projects which we have delivered in the past have been heralded by our Defence Estates clients as examples of best practice and has won awards for design.

Much of our public sector experience offers a crossover to other industry sectors, whereas our defence experience can be more focused to specific requirements.

CVRT Armoured Vehicle Range


Geometric and civil engineering design of tank test tracks and moving target facilities to accommodate an armour target mechanism

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NGEC Fleet Helicopter Support Unit


This new Helicopter Landing Site will facilitate Fleet Operational Sea Training staff transfers to sea and will include a meteorogical observation station and provision to refuel visiting helicopters

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Devonport Landing Craft Co-location Project


New waterfront training facility as part of 1 Assault Group Royal Marines and 539 Assault Squadron Royal Marines to enhance the delivery of amphibious operations and training

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Project Hercules, Bassingbourn Barracks


Relocation of the British Army’s Mission Training and Mobilisation Centre (MTMC) to Bassingbourn Barracks, to suit the new strategic requirements of the British Army

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P-DEV Britannia Royal Naval College (BRNC)


New state-of-the-art Physical Training Centre and Gymnasium for Britannia Royal Naval College (BRNC) providing equipment for up to 800 people which include both Cadets and BRNC Staff

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