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It’s time to step up to a more sustainable built environment

40% of UK carbon emissions are caused by the construction industry – that was the headline breaking figure for the built environment in 2021. As we look to 2022, sustainable construction will continue to be a pressing theme for the industry.

Despite the controversy of the success of the UN COP26 climate conference, survey results revealed at the conference state that 95% of construction professionals are ready to shake up their operations in a bid to bring down carbon emissions. But what does this actually mean in practice for developments across the UK?

As the industry begins to step up to a more sustainable future, we’ve whittled down our top three most pioneering yet sustainable projects of 2021.

Project 1:  Hope Rise, St George’s, Bristol

Recognised by Build Better Now, a virtual exhibition at COP26, this sustainable housing development in Bristol was selected alongside just 17 other projects for paving the way for the built environment. Its net-zero carbon modular construction exceeds expectations laid out by Bristol City Council’s Climate Energy Aspirations and provides exceptionally energy efficient homes while being affordable to run.

Our involvement:

ZED PODS appointed us as the consulting engineer due to our rich knowledge and strong relationships with local stakeholders. We provided a range of geotechnical and civil engineering services, helping the scheme obtain planning permissions and comply with flood risk and drainage guidelines.

Enter the Build Better virtual pavilion.

Project 2: BoKlok on the Brook, Airport Road, Bristol

As the nation’s love for Scandinavian simplicity and style grows, this flat-pack inspired residential community (delivered collaboratively by Skansa and IKEA) features modern, sustainable homes. Built to have a low impact on the environment, the homes feature several environmentally-friendly quirks.

Our involvement:

This project regenerated a redundant area of land to provide valuable homes to Bristol. We provided transport planning and highway design to ensure this new neighbourhood slotted into its new location seamlessly.

Step inside these scandi-style homes.

Project 3: West Carclaze Garden Village, St Austell, Cornwall

Health and sustainability are at the heart of this Lakeside community. Located in St Austell, Cornwall, the development is designed around a thriving village centre. The village includes a new school, shops and an array of green open spaces, which make up 60% of the site.

 Our involvement

With green homes high on the agenda, this development provides 1,500 energy efficient homes on a site which was previously used to extract minerals and processing. We provided a full design service including civil, structural, geotechnical and transport advice to support the complex engineering development which was awarded with the Master Planning for the Future Award: Michelmores Property Awards 2020.

Take a look at the development.

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